Advancement in Building Acoustics Measurement – An Italian Story

Innovation is key for transformation, and “cultivating innovation” in the industry through sustainability and energy efficiency is trending in building acoustics measurement. Our speakers will present an update of international building acoustics measurement standards with the audience, exploring advancements in acoustics instrumentation through innovation and technology.

NTEK aims to actively re-shape the boundaries of the Acoustics and Vibrations segment, reshaping boundaries with an “Industry 5.0” mindset. The speakers will also share some of their success stories, from an Italian perspective.

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Tiziana Bechaz, Marketing Manager, Ntek

Tiziana Bechaz is responsible for developing marketing materials, product positioning and messaging, coordinating product launches, and website optimization. She has several years of experience in international companies in the marketing & communications area. From coordinating events and sales enablement to developing strategic marketing plans and campaigns, Tiziana has spent her career helping companies create better customer relationships through social media, content marketing, and public relations.

Giacomo Eandi, Calibration Lab Responsible, Ntek

Giacomo Eandi is in charge of all the technical aspects of Ntek products. With a scientific approach to measurements and development, the technical focus of his work is realizing new solutions for building acoustic applications. Since joining Ntek, his primary concentration has always been in software engineering as well as electronics, always providing an insight into both audio and acoustics.


Philbert Tong, Growth Manager, Kvikoo

*Kvikoo is the distributor for Ntek in Asia.

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