For Asset Managers

Assets are essential to many businesses because a business succeeds or not depends heavily on how values are created from the assets. This applies particularly to capital intensive infrastructure projects, such as railway. Proper maintenance of the assets including rolling stock and permanent ways, ensures income goes directly to the bottom line because keeping the assets in good condition helps save a large sum of money spent on breakdowns and immature overhauls of the assets. That is why preventive maintenance is essential and the concept is widely adopted.

Yet to implement preventive maintenance in a cost-effective way remains a huge challenge to asset managers, because different assets have different indicators of failure. For some assets it is even impossible to pin down the failure indicators. As there is not a uniform set of failure indicators, there cannot be a uniform assessment method to detect different assets’ failure.

Kvikoo is such a technology capable of all the above. That is why it is a powerful tool that makes easier the planning of the preventive maintenance work for different assets. In supporting the preventive maintenance of railway wheels, the solutions integrate software and hardware (e.g. sensors, etc.) so as to monitor and analyse the real-time situation of the wheels. Kvikoo identifies potential cracking and malfunction of wheels, (supported by visual evidence) and alerts the manager so the manager can then plan for maintenance work to minimise occasional accidents.